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Hudson Hi-Fi SpaceBen Record Weight Stabilizer

Hudson Hi-Fi SpaceBen Record Weight Stabilizer


Hudson Hi-Fi SpaceBen Record Weight Stabilizer with Protective Leather Pad – 8-Ounce Vinyl Turntable Weight – Durable & Stylish LP Stabilizer – Fits Any Turntable

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At Hudson Hi-Fi we are committed to delivering quality, precision-made, high fidelity audio accessories and unique vinyl display solutions at affordable prices.

We exist for the sole purpose of elevating your listening experience.

Our products are the result of a close collaboration between musicians, engineers, producers, designers and Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Crafted in New York City, our products aim to share the passion for music this city instilled in us, with audiophiles worldwide.

Family of Hudson Hi-Fi Stabilizers

Enrich your turntable setup with LittleBen Record Weight Stabilizer. Make an immediate impact on you listening experience by improving the contact between your record and the platter, effectively reducing the transfer of unwanted vibrations to the stylus. The reduction of extraneous vibrations reduces distortion – provides better detail, tighter bass, and overall improvement of sound quality.

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Hudson Hi-Fi Record Weight Stabilizer is used to reduce resonance vibration. By stabilizing rotational speed, it provides pure signal retrieval and realistic sound reproduction. The high-quality Leather protective pad serves as a buffer between the record weight and the record, keeping the record safe from scratches and the weight distribution perfectly center.

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Maintain a horizontal level of your LP Turntable with our Record Weight Stabilizer. With 8 oz. – just the right weight to dampen vibrations and reduce resonance without overloading the turntable. LittleBen Record Stabilizer operates with most turntables (for some turntables, it will only fit without a dust cover).

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Developing products intended for our own use as much as our customers’ underlies Hudson Hi-Fi’s commitment to quality. Crafted from premium-quality metal and an exquisite matte finish, LittleBen Record Weight Stabilizer looks incredibly stylish on yours or any turntable. It makes a perfect gift for friends who share the same enthusiasm for vinyl.


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