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BIG FUDGE Professional Series Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

BIG FUDGE Professional Series Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit


5-in-1- Includes Velvet Vinyl Cleaner Brush, Cleaning Fluid, Stylus Gel, Brush for Velvet, Padded Storage Case

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  • WHY BIG FUDGE? There are numerous products for record collectors on the market today, yet Big Fudge stands out. Recognized globally by new and old vinyl fans alike, Big Fudge offers a professional solution for your cleaning needs. As passionate collectors ourselves, we know that only the best will do for your collection. If you have any questions about how to clean, store and preserve your records for years to come, Big Fudge is there for you!
  • ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION: Clean dust, dirt and fingerprints using the anti static velvet brush in combination with the cleaning spray. The included stylus brush will remove any particles off your record player’s needle. We thought of everything!
  • XTRA LARGE CLEANING FLUID – The included 50ml bottle should last you quite a while. If, after years of use, you find yourself running out, you can purchase a refill right here on Amazon!
  • STYLUS CLEANER: Cleaning the stylus needle has never been so easy! Try out our stylus gel or stylus brush that will lift the dust off the needle in a matter of seconds, ensure slower performance degradation and improve the longevity of your records
  • AT HOME OR ON THE GO: Keep your record cleaning essentials in a safe and dust-free space. Whether you’re jamming out on your home setup or dragging crates to your next DJ gig, keep this kit close to your records
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Join the Big Fudge family!

We share your passion for vinyl. Of course, you want to ensure the quality of your collection for years to come. We want to offer you the top products for reliable cleaning, professional storage and flawless display of your records. For efficient protection of your big and small vinyl: we’re the expert choice for preserving the life of your record collection.

Ultra-soft brush for your vinyl

The high-quality record cleaner brush is sure to become a favourite for maintaining your collection. The brush features a curved handle for a stable grip while cleaning. The soft velvet surface will help prevent scratches to your vinyl.

Stylus gel for your record player

Make sure your record player needle is clean and protect your vinyl to enjoy the best sound quality. Use the stylus gel to remove any dust off your stylus before dropping the needle and jamming out to your favorite tunes. Combine the products from our expansive range for the care your favorite music deserves.

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